CarbonCCY is an environmental trading and consulting firm focused on servicing global compliance

and voluntary buyers and sellers of environmental currencies (CCYs) to include:  

  • RECs-Renewable Energy Credits

  • CRTs-Climate Reserve Tonnes

  • ERUs-Emission Reduction Units
  • RINs- Renewable Identification Numbers
  • VERs-Voluntary Emission Reduction Credits

  • CERs-Certified Emission Reduction Credits

  • EUAs-European Union Allowances

CarbonCCY acts as Agent and Aggregator assisting with the purchase and monetization of environmental

credits (CCYs). Our global client base includes:

  • Utilities

  • Energy Service Companies

  • Smart Grid Technology Companies 

  • Renewable Energy Project Developers

  • Mid-cap Multinational Corporations

  • Insurance Companies

CarbonCCY provides consulting services to clients interested in gaining access to and an understanding
of the market dynamics of the environmental CCY markets. We are also working with environmental

insurance providers in the development of products that insure against loss attributed to climate change.




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